Why Build Trails?

Creating a More Active Community

Sixty-one (61%) of adults are overweight and 25% of children are overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. Heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in Oneida County. Physical activity helps prevent obesity, heart disease, and cancer. The accessibility of sidewalks and trails is associated with increased physical activity.

Economic Growth

Expanding trails in Oneida County will have a positive impact on economic development and tourism. For more about economic benefits of trails download this pdf: Economic Impact of Trails


Designated trails, sidewalks, and paved shoulders on roadways make for safer walking and biking. For more information on bike helmets, visit: www.bhsi.org

A Lasting Investment

With regular maintenance, trails are investments that will last for generations. Those who choose to support development of trails will always be able to see how they have helped.

How to Build

The following aids are provided for practical information on how recreational biking and walking trails are planned, designed, funded, and completed. Just click for details.
Ten Points about Recreational Trail Development
Considerations for Trail Development
Pedestrian and Bike Alternatives for Towns
Trail Planning
Trail Design
Trail Costs
Liability and Wisconsin's Berry Picker Law
Bike Route Signing
Funding Options in Wisconsin