Trail Costs

Estimated Trail Costs

(Actual costs will vary. Obtain quotes in writing before beginning work.)


Drawings, calculations, design, field staking for trail along side highway: $12,000 per mile.

200 ft. length by 10 ft. width; wood decking and railing, steel supports: $400,000.

Initial Surfacing

Asphalt paving on existing railroad bed, little grading needed: $100,000 per mile.

10 ft. wide asphalt trail, grading, erosion control, culverts: $120,000 to $150,000 per mile.

Crushed limestone including grading and gravel base: $90,000 to $100,000 per mile


Freshening and repairing crushed limestone trail: $600 per mile per year.

Slurry seal of 10 ft. wide asphalt trail: $4,000 per mile every 7-10 years.


Pruning, weeding, mowing, sweeping, repairs of signs, kiosks, etc.: $3,000 per mile per year (approximately)


Paved parking for 20 cars; toilet, landscaping, lighting: $100,000

Great Trail Experience