Considerations for Trail Development

System Trailheads/Support Facilities
Trailheads serve as points of access to bike and pedestrian routes. The minimum they provide is parking and trail information. They may also provide restrooms and shelter.

Route(s) Mileage/Surface
What is the length of the route and what is the riding surface type a pedestrian or cyclist can expect? Do these factors match up with the type of trail user that you’re trying to attract? For multi-use trails, the trail surface and width should meet the needs of all user groups.

Route Skill Level
What is the degree of difficulty to be expected in navigating a particular route? What skills would a trail user need to navigate the route and does this skill level match up with the type of trail user you are trying to attract?

Significant Cultural, Historical, or Natural Resources
What cultural, historical, or natural resources may be destinations or points of interest to attract trail users?

Connection to Schools
Would this route help provide a route for children to bike to school?

Recreation or Transportation
Is this route planned to help people commute to work or school? Is the route planned for recreational use?

Rustic Roads
Does this route utilize these lower traffic, scenic routes?

Abandoned Rail Lines
Does this route incorporate abandoned rail line and can it capitalize on the Rails-to-Trails Program?

Public Lands or Industrial Forest Lands
Does the route incorporate use of public or industrial forestland to help minimize trail development costs? Are there any safety considerations such as hunting and logging activity that need to be considered?

Collaboration with Other Groups
Does the route lend itself to working with another user group such as snowmobiles where use of the trail is naturally separated by season?

Population Centers
Does this route somehow connect the population centers of Rhinelander, Minocqua, and Three Lakes? Does the route connect the more populated pockets in the rural parts of the county with the main population centers?

Adjacent County and State Trail Plans
Does this route mesh with adjacent county trail plans and state trail plans?